Attention, this page is outdated in the moment and replaced by our new takeactive time booking system. Do not use this information.

Please visit this page:   takeactive

Attention !!! Only for club members of VfB Kiefholz and SC Schlaff !!! Non members please send a message to the club administration first please. 

for week 44; 27.10. - 1.11.2020

Attention: if you are not used to the use of the doodle voting/registration websites, please read our instructions first, see below. And if you already have made an entry, but want to edit or delete it now, see here, how it works:

if you have troubles using doodle:



Please always keep in mind:

If you have troubles using doodle or finding a location:   

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Tuesday, 27.10., Treptow

2 slots from 17:30 - 22:00

Level: first slot slightly advanced, second slot advanced.

ATTENTION:  Only one slot per person!



Wednesday, 28.10., Schöneweide

1 slot from 20:30 - 22:00

Level: for advanced only! 

Beginners please see Baumschulenweg.



Wednesday, 28.10., Baumschulenweg

1 slot from 20:00 - 22:00

Level: for beginners and slightly advanced only! 

Advanced please see Schöneweide.



Friday, 30.10., Friedrichshain

1 slot from 20:00 - 22:00

Level: advanced



Saturday, 31.10., Treptow

2 slots from 8:30 - 12:30

Level: first slot advanced, second slot all members.

ATTENTION:  Only one slot per person!



Saturday, 31.10., Treptow

Training with Fadi, 1 slot from 12:30 - 14:30

Level: all members.



Sunday, 01.11., Treptow

2 slots from 12:00 - 16:00

Level: beginners and slightly advanced



Sunday, 01.11., Treptow

3 Slots from 16:00 - 22:00

Level: for advanced only! 

ATTENTION:  Only one slot per person!

This restriction will be removed Saturday afternoon around 16:00.



Sunday, 01.11., Baumschulenweg

2 slots 15:00 - 21:00

Level: all members.

ATTENTION:  Only one slot per person!

Rules (doodle version), please read first, especially if this system is new for you!

  1. every club member may book up to 3 time slots per week (except organisers with keys, who have to open the gyms)
  2. additional time slots can be booked within 24 hours before a certain event starts, if you still find free time slots to book then
  3. please ONLY ONE ENTRY per doodle sheet. Please enter first AND last name correctly, no abbreviations, no nicknames. If you want to book more than one time slot per day, just select additional checkboxes within your entry. Note !!! on Tuesdays only one time slot can be selected, either 17:30-20:00 or 20:00 - 22:00
  4. if a time slot is fully booked, you will not be able to select this slot. Please try another time or another day.
  5. we strongly advise to use a BROWSER instead of the doodle app. And we suggest to enter your reservation WITHOUT using a doodle account. This is the most easy way, simple to manage and will avoid mistakes, malfunctions and questions to Henrik.
  6. if you use a smartphone, PLEASE !!!! use it in horizontal orientation / landscape mode. Only in this mode you have full access to all functions, especially editing and/or deleting your entry.
  7. enter your first name AND last name, and select at least one time slot. Tab on "send" or "transmit". Otherwise your booking is not completed. No time slot selected means: you are not registered !!!
  8. if you have to change a reservation or to delete it: click/tab on your name first. A pencil should appear. Click on the pencil: now the entry gets editable (for changing time slots) or erasable (click/tab the trash can symbol left side).
  9. If for any reason this does not work, please reload the page (remember: landscape mode!), and try it again.
  10. Please NEVER edit anothers name or line, although technically this is sometimes possible. Never ! ☠️ Only create, edit or delete your OWN entry, which must be clearly marked with your first AND your last name.

How to edit or delete your already existing entry ?

Hitlist of typical errors and how to avoid:

If you open such a homepage to make a booking, this is a typical picture. You have to replace "Your name" with your real name, first and last name please.

1.) A frequent error: people enter only their first name, as this is a club with friendly and informal relations. Nevertheless we need here your full name, sorry. For legal reasons (Corona).

2.) another frequent error: if you already have entered a booking already for that day, please DO NOT write an additional line, although the request "Your name" may invite you to fill out again this field. But NO, please ! If you already have an entry for this particular day, search for this line (scroll down) and tap/click on your own name, which is already in the list. Then this line gets editable. You may change checkboxes, select, unselect (if not fully booked) or erase the whole entry, which is necessary, if you changed your mind and will not show up that day at all.

Attention: if you create a double entry, the second one will be deleted by the admin without further notice. 

Attention: at some days only one time slot is selectable (either/or). And don't forget: only max. 3 reservations per week, for justice reasons. Every club member shall have enough possibilities to play.

Frequent error No. 3 is an empty entry. After selecting checkboxes you have to submit your reservation. It is NOT enough just to click on the checkboxes. After making your selection, please submit your reservation, by clicking on "submit" / "absenden". Fail to do so will lead to an empty entry. Please double check your reservation. Attention: it may happen, that during the reservation process the time slot got fully booked and your reservation can already not be registered. You will be noted by this, by the response of the doodle website. In this case, try another day and be quicker the next week, or wait for cancellations, which happen quite often.