Hello dear new member of our club !

Dear new club member,


A warm welcome to our sports club!


One request here: please read this page to the end. Please! It is important.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun, and that you will feel comfortable in our club. 

You are welcome to make suggestions as well as criticism.


For playing in our club and receiving information and updates about our club, you should now take a few steps.


1.) The most important thing is to install an appointment booking app called "takeactive", and set up a user account as soon as possible.

We use this booking system to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, control the number of participants, and make special trainings bookable. Wih the help of this app or web application you are able to book the offered time slots, change bookings, cancel your bookings, if needed, etc.


Download the TakeActive app here: 

Detailed information on how to use TakeActive is available here. The app is very simple to use, but in case yo encounter any trouble, please let us know. Please take your time and read this page "how to install and use takeactive" carefully.



2.) Here again the note: everything will come to an end at some point, even the whole universe one day. The good news: there is still a long way to go! But it could be that you want to leave the club, or maybe you have to, because of family reasons, another job, another city, complicated injury or whatsoever. BUT !!! you have to tell us. As long as the association does not get to know, you remain a member, with all rights and obligations. The most important obligation in this context is the payment of the membership fees, on which the association depends in order to meet the current expenses. As long as we have not been instructed otherwise, quarterly contributions are booked automatically on January 10, April 10, July 10, and October 10.

  • If you change your bank details, or close an account, with the consequence that the SEPA debits on January 10, April 10, July 10, and October 10 are not possible, please also let us know. Why? If a direct debit does not work, the association has to pay 9-10 € in fees to the bank.
  • In case of not agreeing, please do not immediately call back SEPA debits. You have 8 full weeks to do this, no need to hurry. Thus, if you have any questions or don't agree about the amount of the contribution, first contact the club president (Henrik).


3.) We hold a general meeting at least once a year. The general assembly is the place where all voting participants (from 18, and full members after 3 months of membership) can vote on the topics, decisions and the future direction of the association. Don't forget: What is the club? This are we all together. Participation in this general meeting is not compulsory, but anyone wishing to express his/her opinion and exercise voting rights must attend the meeting in person. This is what association law provides.


We invite all members by email and our messenger information channels (WhatsApp and Signal, see § 5). If someone would like to be informed about these meetings and the decisions and the results of the meeting by postage letter, e.g. due to lack of a computer, please inform the club administration board personally, in writing or by telephone.


Of course, it is always important, in general for all communication, that the club has your correct data. The association is not responsible if messages or meeting invitations cannot be delivered due to address errors.

Please always inform us about the change of email address, mobile phone number, bank account, home address. Thanks. 



4.) What is an association? What does it mean to be a member of an association? Some people have very adventurous ideas about what this is, a German "Sportverein e.V.". Important to know: we are not a fitness center or a commercial sports center. There are also no investors or profit participants. We all are the club. All membership fees will be spent exclusively for the club, for sport equipment, shuttlecocks, association fees, insurance, coaches, use of the hall, tournaments, etc. There is also no commercial service center that makes everything available to members. All the work that is done is taken over by the members, who either receive no money at all or receive a small allowance for expenses. Only in this way can we be as affordable as we are. It can only work if at least some members participate in this work. So if you want to get more involved: great! Just let us know if, for example, you want to be in-charge of opening and closing the hall at a certain timeslot.

Once again to explain to you: you are not a client of an organisation, where usually you pay a monthly fee and have the right for a certain service, like with you mobile phone provider or your electric energy provider, or a commercial fitness club. You are a member of a club, that is a group of people, and all members together, that is the club, including you. The club has to collect money in order to cover the usual expenses and to avoid bancruptcy. But there is no list of services, which are offered for a certain amount of money, neither there are two sides like provider and client. The club, once again, this is we all, including you. What we get, what we can use, depends from the goodwill of the city administration (gym allocations) and from all our work (usually the work of a few volunteers, sadly to say), and from the collected membership fees, which allows the club to hire coaches and to buy sport equipment like Badminton shuttles.



5.) We communicate through messenger channels, such as WhatsApp and Signal. It is not absolutely necessary to take part in these groups, but it is sometimes helpful. For example to find partner for a tournament, to arrange after-game meet-ups; or simply to receive info about playing schedules, locations; or to get updates on training opportunities.


Please let us know which messenger channels you want to join or try out. If the news gets too much for you, you can of course leave the respective group at any point, or you can mute it.


Important for you: we want to maintain a friendly atmosphere in these messenger channels. Some channels are even exclusively information channels with no possibility of responding to information. Others are our social platforms, everyone is allowed to post, but please do not have private disputes, quarrels, or address topics that have nothing to do with sport or club life. Thanks.


Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.