about contract details, SEPA, and cancellation

⚠️The membership in our association is an ongoing contract with automatic renewal, unless canceled. This means that every member of the association has all rights and obligations as long as one is a member of the association. This also means that you are obliged to pay the regular membership fee as long as you are a club member. We need the contributions of all our members to cover all costs of the association. More explanation here.


Of course we hope that all members will stay with us for a long time and continue to do sports with fun and joy in our nice group. But in the end nothing is forever and all members have the right to withdraw from the club if circumstances force you to do so.
Anyone who wants to leave the association, for example because of children, work in another city, moving, or new hobbies, or health problems, a cosmic disaster, or whatever, must inform us.

⚠️Membership can always be canceled from the next quarter, one month in advance. That means the four dates / deadlines to be observed are 28.2., 31.5., 31.8. and 30.11. ❗

At our club the termination is simple. Beside official letters we accept such cancellations as well:  ☑️ communicated verbally to the board of directors, ☑️ by WhatsApp to a board member ☑️ by phone or sms from the mobile phone number, you indicated when applying for membership.

We do not require any formal form. The clearly recognizable expression of the wish to terminate is sufficient.

Direct debits, collection of contributions:

It is important in this context that the association must be informed of a change in bank account (new IBAN). If we submit a direct debit in vain because the club member has not informed us of the changed bank details, there will be costs for return debits in the amount of approx. € 9, which we then have to invoice the club member. Please help us to prevent these return debits and such avoidable costs. Less work for us, less cost for you.

A direct debit can also fail if the debited account does not have sufficient funds, i.e. there is not enough money. We therefore ask for notification if on the usual debit dates 10.1., 10.4., 10.7. and 10.10. you don't have sufficient funds at the account. We will then find a solution. But we need to know that there is a problem at least some days before the withdrawal.

⚠️ Thus please make sure at beginning of January, beginning of April, beginning of July or beginning of October, that the amount of up to 48 € (depending on your membership status) is available at your specified account. Please inform us some days ahead in case if not ❗

Thanks very much.