booking system, takeactive

Our club members are using the app "takeactive" (android or iOS)  to book game time slots. As well available as a web version, for those who dislike smartphones.


What is to be done? Please read carefully and proceed as described.

  1. Install the "takeactive" app on your android smartphone or iphone, or open the takeactive website.
  2. Create a user account. No particularly sensitive data is requested for this, only e-mail address, name and mobile phone number. No bank details or credit card details required. Please set a password. We recommend: please register via email, and not with Facebook verification to avoid problems. Email address plus password is the best way and always works. Please remember or note the password !!! Please use your full and correct first and last name, please NO ABBREVIATIONS, at least as long as we still have an obligation to record attendance due to Corona.
  3. Submit the data. Takeactive will now send a verification message to the specified email address.
  4. Please open the mail from takeactive and confirm your mail address by clicking on the link in the email. Attention: if necessary, search the spam folder, if no mail from takeactive will arrive in your inbox.
  5. After mail address confirmation log into your account at takeactive app (or web). Login: your email address / password.
  6. Now use the app search function to find our club,VfB Kiefholz.
  7. Select our club and ask to be a member. This may be strange for you as you already might be a club member, but that's technically how it works. After requesting to be a member go back to the main menu, or click, "o.k." or "back".
  8. Wait until the club administration has approved your request. This may take a few hours. You can then use the app to book all offered times and days with games and / or training. Alternatively, you can also use any Internet browser on the takeactive website.
  9. Important!!! Every Monday exactly at 7 p.m. almost all time slots get activated for booking. Some time slots will be booked out within a minute, so unfortunately it means: be quick or the offer might be gone. Tuesday evening in particular is quickly booked out, or Sunday night 18-20. Other offers, on the other hand, can be booked all the week because they get not fully booked. Always remember: Monday 7 p.m. is takeactive booking time for our badminton game offers.
  10. There is also a waiting list function. You can also put yourself on a waiting list when it is already full, because people always cancel. However, in order to realize that you have advanced to the list of participants, you must of course allow the notification function in the app, either by e-mail and / or by message on the smartphone screen.



More information:

- If you don't want or cannot use neither internet nor a smartphone, you have to ask a colleague or the club management to book the appointments.

E.g. by sms to Henrik, + 49-172-30080 (six) (one).

- 🇬🇧 🇩🇪? So far this app is only available in German. But even with only a little knowledge of German, it is possible to register and use this app because it is self-explanatory.

- some offers will only be activated later on. E.g. Friedrichshain, Friday night, because we use this gym as guests of SC Schlaff, whose members have the right to book there first. The remaining places will then be offered to you on Friday 12:00.

- In the time table you can always see if an offer can be booked or not (yet) (gray means: not yet bookable; green means: bookable; yellow means: "only waiting list"; red means: you have already booked the time slot.

- We ask all members to cancel their booking if they have changed their mind or something unexpected has come up. This is possible up to 45 minutes before the start of an event. Please give up your spot then, especially if there is a waiting list. Doing so you don't waste the space and give others the opportunity to play.

- In order to reduce the run on some time slots, we are constantly trying to find alternative gym times or larger gyms. Unfortunately, this is not that easy, because the sports hall capacities in Berlin are limited. But we are doing our best to expand our offers.