How to contact us?

function name    mail address

mobile phone

president Henrik Turzer mail to president  +4917230080 (six) (one)
vicepresident Hani mail to vice president  
treasurer Guido mail to treasurer  
sport director Guntaj mail to sport director  
sport vice director Lisa mail to sport vicedirector  
youth sport director Darko mail to youth director +4917015420 (nine) (eight) only sms!
equality officer Elaine mail to equality officer +49blablabla
restringing service 1 Darko mail to Darko  +4917015420 (nine) (eight) only sms!
restringing service 2 Henrik mail to Henrik call or whatsapp or sms
restringing service 3 Zarav    
coach 1 Fadi mail to Fadi +49blablabla
coach 2 Zarav mail to Zarav +49blablabla
coach 3 Renruo mail to Renruo +49blablabla
coach 4 Coby mail to Coby +49blablabla
coach 5 Mo mail to Mo  
coach 6 JJ mail to JJ +49blablabla
coach 7 Victor mail to Victor +49blablabla
coach 8 Elmar mail to Elmar +49blablabla
team 1 captain SanSan mail to team 1 captain +49blablabla
team 2 captain Lisa mail to team 2 captain +49blablabla
team 3 captain JJ mail to team 3 captain +49blablabla
team 4 captain Victor mail to team 4 captain +49blablabla
team 5 captain Marcus mail to team 5 captain +49blablabla
team 6 captain Dirk mail to team 6 captain +49blablabla
team 7 captain Hani mail to team 7 captain +49blablabla
team 8 captain   mail to team 8 captain +49blablabla
team 9 captain   mail to team 9 captain +49blablabla
youth team captain   mail to youth captain +49blablabla