How to use and edit the doodle booking websites?Please read the following information carefully. 

Why we do use a reservation system through doodle voting pages? 

Due to Corona-rules we (the Badminton club) are obligated to limit the number of participants staying at the same time in the gym. Beside this we have to keep a record, who participated at which time, for 28 days. These measures are controlled by the city administration and the police. If we fail to comply, we lose the right to use our gyms. Furthermore the fines are quite high, and we (the club) do not have several thousands of Euro left over to pay such fines.

Please understand, that due to this rules we have to be quite pedantic, sorry, but no other way in the moment. Every club member is asked to help following these rules. Please support the club instead of violating rules for personal reasons or thoughtlessness. 🙏

How to "doodle"? Which devices are best? Browser or app?


  1. We strongly advise not to use the doodle app ☠️, neither on iOS iphone, nor on Android smartphone. Some of our members have too much problems. Please use a browser instead ! 👍 Best idea is to delete the app. Use this confusing app ☠️ only, if you are familiar about how this app works, and nevertheless: horizontal mode!
  2. We publish the new links for the fresh doodle reservation pages every Monday evening at 19:00. Every club member will be notified in our WhatsApp and Messenger groups, when the new links are online. Please try to be quick. 
  3. Generally we recommend to use a PC or Mac or Tablet instead! Once the new doodles are published in the whatsapp group, you can find them at too. No need to copy and paste the doodle links.
  4. We even suggest not to use a personal doodle account. Better book as a guest, not logged in 👍.  Thats possible without any problems.
  5. If you use a smartphone, PLEASE !!!! always flip the screen to horizontal orientation 🚥/ landscape mode 👍. Only in this mode you have full access to all functions, especially editing and/or deleting your entry, if necessary. If you don't know, what means "landscape mode", see the pictures below. Please NEVER  ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ edit doodle pages in the "normal" vertical orientation (portrait mode) 🚦 of the smartphone.


How to make a reservation?

  1. If using a smartphone: landscape mode please !!! 👍  And please delete the doodle app. Browser is better. 
  2. First enter your first name AND last name👍, and select at least one time slot. 👍. Tab on "send" or "transmit" 👍. Otherwise your booking is not completed. No time slot selected means: you are not registered !!!
  3. If you are not able to select a desired time slot, this time is fully booked already, sorry, you were too late this time.  Please try another time or date. The doodle page indicates at the top of the columns, how many spots are still available.
  4. If you still have troubles 😬, don't give up, send a whatsapp message to Henrik, Denis or Banu, and explain in details, at which point it does not work as expected or needed.
  5. If you are offline Monday evenings, or busy, or for other reasons not able to book a time slot, we suggest to ask a friend in the club to take care about your reservation. Tell him/her, what bookings you want to get, until Monday afternoon.


How many slots can I book within one week?

  1. Attention: do not book more than 3 time slots within one week!
  2. Note, that on Tuesday you can only select the early OR the late time slot, not both! And same rule for Sunday evenings. Don't fool the system by entering two lines ☠️☠️☠️. Once again: max. one entry per person and per doodle sheet.
  3. However, within 24 hours before a certain event starts, every club member may select additional time slots (if available).
  4. The organisers/supervisors, who open, close, and set up the equipment, are logically allowed to attend more than 3 times.

We work on organising more possibilities to play, to provide enough possibilities to play for everybody.  If this is achieved, the limit of "max. 3 slots per week" might be not necessary any longer. We keep you informed.


How to change or delete a reservation?

  1. If you want to change or to delete your reservation: select your own entry, you already have made and want to change now. Click/tab on your name first👍. A pencil should appear. Click on the pencil 👍: now the entry gets editable (for changing time slots) or erasable (click/tab the trash can symbol). Make/change your selection or delete your entry 👍.
  2. If for any reason this does not work, please reload the page (remember: landscape mode!), and try it again.
  3. Please NEVER ☠️ edit others names or entries, although technically this is sometimes possible. Only create, edit or delete your own entry, which must be clearly marked with your first AND your last name.
  4. Finally we ask, to remove your corresponding entry completely, if you decided not to show up at a certain day. How to delete completely?  >>>  See 1.)   or watch this youtube-video 📽️.  If you still have problems to delete your entry: please send a WhatsApp message or sms to Henrik.


typical errors, please avoid them, to be able to follow the booking rules:


  1. try to use the phone in vertical position ☠️☠️☠️ 
  2. entries with only your first name ☠️
  3. more than 3 reservations per week ☠️☠️☠️
  4. empty lines with only your name, but no time selected👎
  5. two lines for the same person on one doodle sheet ☠️☠️☠️.
  • If the admins find wrong entries, you will get a message. But patience is limited. If you repeatedly fail to enter correct and complete reservations, your wrong entry might be deleted without any notice. In such cases better ask a friend for assistance.
  • Remember: if you don't have a reservation for a certain time slot, you cannot play. This is one of the Corona rules, we have to follow. The fines for violation of the rules are dramatically high, the club cannot afford to pay such money.
  • We suggest to check your reservation, before you show up, to make sure, that you have a valid reservation for that day.

Thank you for reading this manual completely! 🙏 Now you can proceed to the booking links site.